Fair Oaks Toastmasters

The Sunday toastmasters group at Sunnyvale, California.

President's Distinguished Club for 15 years in a row.

The Art of Speaking

Anyone who is a strong leader has to first be an effective communicator. In Toastmasters you will hone your speaking skills, and you will develop leadership abilities - through evaluations, listening, mentoring, serving as club officers and filling roles in club meetings. You will take those leadership skills out into the world, running businesses, mentoring youths, organizing fund-raisers, coaching teams and heading up families. By learning to effectively formulate, organize and express your ideas to others, you can achieve all kinds of success. You'll be more capable and confident when giving presentations. You'll be more persuasive when pitching prospective clients. Want to be better at negotiating your salary with your boss? Networking at business or social functions? Motivating co-workers - or your kids?

Fair Oaks Toastmasters offers a self-paced program that is designed for improving public speaking and leadership skills. By working through different projects in a supportive and fun environment, our club helps people become effective communicators.

The club meets every Sunday at 11:20 AM, at the Murphy Park club house in Sunnyvale, California (see directions here). You’re welcome to join as a guest as many times as you like, for free! There is no need to RSVP. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures of our meetings and events. Subscribe to our Facebook page by hitting "like" and we’ll keep you up to date on upcoming events and club news.

Why visit Fair Oaks Toastmasters?

  • Fair Oaks Toastmasters is amongst the oldest, biggest and the most prestigious toastmasters clubs in the South Bay.
  • Toastmasters is a proven formula tested for over 90 years with a proven record of converting regular people into confident leaders and public speakers.
  • Fair Oaks is a very helpful community with a perfect blend of new and seasoned toastmasters with a strong mentorship program which can help you improve at a quick pace in your confidence, speaking and leadership skills.
  • As a community club, at fair oaks you can experience the breadth of audience from all walks of life, multiple age groups, ethnicities, beliefs and backgrounds. We cherish our diversity. Practicing speaking at Fair Oaks can prevent the tunnel vision we all accidentally get accustomed to meeting people just like us in daily life.
  • We are a registered 501(c) non profit, completely managed by the community. The club management is completely transparent and voluntary. The club officers do not take a salary.
  • Guests are welcome in all meetings. Our meeting are free to attend as many times as you wish to evaluate not only the toastmasters program but also its implementation.

If you wish to sign up, the membership forms are available at http://signup.fairoakstoastmasters.com.

Meeting Details

Our meetings are held every Sunday between 11.30AM and 1PM at:

Murphy Park Meeting Room,

250 N Sunnyvale Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

Remember, any one can attend our club meetings for free for as long as they want. Please plan to arrive by 11:20AM so we can answer your questions and help you get the most of your visit.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Movie Special Meeting


May 12, 2019,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

A themed meeting for movie buffs where all speeches, table topics and the trivia will be about movies. A must go for Hollywood fans!!!

International Speech and Evaluation Contest - Area


March 17, 2019,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

Perform and see the some of the best of Silicon Valley perform at the speech contest. The contest is the best way to learn and grow. Grab the opportunity. See you on 17th.

Register and RSVP.

Fair Oaks Toastmasters speech contest

International Speech and Evaluation Contest


February 24, 2019,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

Perform and see the best of Fair Oaks Toastmasters perform at the speech contest. The contest is the best way to learn and grow. Grab the opportunity. See you on 24th.

Story Telling Workshop and Open House


January 27, 2019,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

Learn the tips and tricks of being a successful story teller from the season toastmaster and expert, Rita Barber.

As a bonus, this is the club open house, bring along friends and family.

Story Telling workshop by Rita Barber

Holiday Special Meeting


December 16, 2018,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

White Elephant, Food all the ingredients of a special meeting are there. Lots of fun awaits.

Elevator Pitch Workshop


November 4, 2018,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

Learn from the best - Dr Deepak Sekar, CEO of Chowbotics, on how to leave an impactful message in 2 minutes. Tips and tricks to prepare your own elevator pitch for the needs to impress in every day life.

Halloween Meeting


October 28, 2018,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

Be prepared for some spooky stories, a deadly table topics and and amazing time. A special themed meeting with costumes is in store.

Fall Fusion Semi Finals


October 21, 2018

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM,

Murphy Park Sunnyvale

Some of the best speakers in the bay area, a full showdown of funny speeches. Definitely worth the time

Humorous Speech Contest


September 23, 2018,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

Mentorship Workshop


August 26 26, 2018,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

What you will learn in this workshop:

1) What mentoring in TM importance

2) How can both Mentors and Mentees get the most out of the mentor-mentee relationship ( how to be an effective mentor and mentee)

3) Some best-known methods/tools/ blueprints

Who is our speaker: Daniel Vandoorn. He is an accomplished Distinguished Toastmaster. Has competed and placed in different district level contests in our district. He has been a toastmaster in Denmark and USA. He was director of club mentors of our district. Personally, despite never being in the same club he has helped my self and a few of us in the club.

Why is mentoring so important :

Often both in our personal and professional life we get stuck wouldn't it be nice to have someone who can listen without judging, ask the questions you haven't thought of, tell you the harsh truth you didn't want to admit, Inspire and push you beyond the limit all in a VERY safe environment.

The most beautiful thing about the mentor- Mentor (mentee) relationship both mentor and mentee learns and grows together.


Fair Oaks Toastmasters have speakers from all over the world with a variety of experiences to share. Our members include adults of a variety of age groups from college pass outs, to new parents and grandparents, from technology workers to yoga teachers all together in this common podium to help each other succeed in their goals to become better speakers.

Club Officers

Nish Neelaloj

Club President

Loves Humans, Coke & Chips | Technologist | Gadget Geek | Speaker

Contact: president@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Aniket Singh

VP Education

Aniket Singh works for Apple Inc in California, United States. He is also the author of Intern Abroad This Summer. He has earned his engineering degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has also obtained his masters from Politecnico de Torino, Italy. As a student he has interned in England and Switzerland. Read more at https://aniketsingh.com

Contact education@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Atishay Jain

VP Public Relations

Thinker | Tinkerer | Inventor | Programmer | Senior Computer Scientist @ Adobe Systems. Developer with over 8 years of industry experience in the field of web, iPhone and desktop software. Read more at https://atishay.me

Contact: info@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Chintan Gandhi

VP Membership

Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Contact: membership@fairoasktoastmasters.com

Vipul Patil


Soccer Freak | Traveller | Hiker | Data Driven | Loves meeting new people | Friendly | Passionate

Contact: treasurer@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Teresa Huang


Passionate | eager | energetic

Contact: secretary@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Santhosh Chaitanya


Strong | clever | Dedicated

Contact: sergeant@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Yuki Ascue

Former President

Yuki is a dedicated, enthusiastic, die-hard Toastmaster. She supports 4 clubs as Area E2 Director, a struggling club as Club Coach, and 2 clubs of her own. She is working towards her educational goals both in legacy program and Pathways program. Helping others is in her nature. She is a psychotherapist and Yoga teacher.

Contact: expresident@fairoakstoastmasters.com

Contact Us

The best way to meet us is to attend our meetings. We are also available in all major social media for any queries and doubts you might have. For any help around attending or finding us, please reach out using any of the mediums below:

Food Special Meeting


June 2, 2019,

11:30 AM -1:00PM

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale

A themed meeting to satisfy your palettes with talks about food as well as potluck of delicious dishes from all over the world.