Member Zone

Meeting Roles & Templates

  1. Meeting Roles Sheet -

  2. Agenda Template - Google Sheets (while printing keep all side margins to 0.25")

  3. ID Template - Image

  4. Evaluation Forms - 2 per page, 4per page

Mailing Lists

There are four mailing lists that the club maintains:

  1. - This mailing list contains all the active members of the club who have a valid payment on file for the current month. This is the mailing list for all communication within the club. The area director for the toastmasters club is present here and can send updates. You can send emails from your registered toastmasters email to the club via this mailing list. It will reach all members and they can reply back via their registered email. Mails are not sent back to the sender unlike the old system. All communication is recorded.

  2. - Mailing list for club officers. Perfect place to send feedback to the officers team and suggestions on how to improve the club functioning. All email communication is recorded and therefore is official. Anyone can post to the officer's mailing list.

  3. - Meant for guests to communicate with fair oaks toastmasters. Members can also use this if they so desire. We try to reply back as soon as possible if any queries come our way.

  4. - Alumni mailing list for the extended fair oaks toastmasters family. The list is restricted to only officers to post that too via the web interface. We send occasional emails regarding get togethers in this mailing list.

All emails come with an unsubscribe link at the bottom. We request all members to use that if they want to unsubscribe. They come via a definite mailing address if the members want to mute or auto-delete emails. Please do not mark the club emails as spam. It does a great disservice to the club if we have our emails getting lost.